Workshop FAQ

Q1) I am a complete beginner, which workshop should I join?

First decide which type of calligraphy you would like to learn:

  1. Dip Pen are pens you dip in ink, they don't have any ink stored in them, and the nib needs to be dipped every few words or lines of drawing.
  2. Brush Pen can be a felt-tip marker with a flexible pointed tip, or an actual paintbrush with bristles. They are convenient to use, beginner friendly and come in a variety of colours. 
  3. The tools are different - for dip pen, we will use a stiff metal nib that requires a  stronger pressure when writing. For brush pen, we will use a soft, flexible brush pen to write that requires a lighter touch. 
  4. I also offer watercolour workshops if you wish to learn to paint.

Q2) What is BEGINNER level?

  •  My BEGINNER workshops welcome anyone to join with no prior experience - whether you're finding a new hobby, designing your own wedding stationery or simply using it as a mindful practice.
  • You can choose from my 1.5 hour weekday evening workshop (Calligraphy Tasting) OR 3 hours weekend workshops (select the themes you wish to attend).
  • These one-off workshops are tailored to help you to understand the various types of pen and ink tools; give you a detailed and knowledgeable demonstration; provide you a relaxing environment to learn and enjoy the arts of writing.

Q3) What is IMPROVER level?

  • My IMPROVER workshops welcome anyone with basic calligraphy skills who wish to write better - whether you've just started 1 week ago or have been practising for years and really wish to see improvements.
  • Each workshop contains a set of 4 evening lessons, you can choose from the following themes:
    • Refine Your Script: you'll study the alphabets individually to gain a strong foundation of letter form and structure.
    • Refine Your Connection: in this workshop, you'll connect the alphabets creating words to gain consistency over letter connections and spacing.
    • Refine Your Flourish: in this workshop, you'll flourish the alphabets individually to create smooth curves and letter variations. 
  • As a classically trained calligrapher, I was awarded the Certificate of Proficiency for the Engrosser’s Script from the IAMPETH in 2020. My teachings are based mainly on a classical style - Engrosser’s Script (also known as the Round Hand or Copperplate). I am confident that teaching experiences will help you to build a stronger and solid foundation over time.

Q4) Can I sign up for multiple BEGINNER LEVEL workshops?

  • Yes you certainly can! My BEGINNER workshops come in different themes:
    • dip pen calligraphy
    • off hand drawing
    • brush lettering
    • watercolour painting

Q5) Does the workshop come with a starter kit?  

  • You will receive one set of calligraphy starter kit when you sign up for my BEGINNER workshop. Please read the workshop description for details.

Q6) I'm still new to calligraphy, can I join your IMPROVER workshops?

  • As long as you know the basics (i.e. pen and ink tool set up and the technique to create thin and thick lines), you will be well qualified! These workshops are tailored to improve your calligraphy skills and achieve better forms and lettering.

Q7) Do you offer discounts if I join with my friend(s)?

  • Yes, I do. I provide "Two-Gather Offer" which saves you money if you sign up with a friend(s).

Q8) Do you offer discounts if I join multiple workshops?

  • My calligraphy studio is tailored for a cosy learning environment and is one of a kind in Hong Kong. I work  hard to constantly update my teaching materials to ensure all students are learning from the best. 
  • Therefore, I do not provide discounts for multiple registrations, however you can enjoy my "Two-Gather" offer if you sign up with a friend!

Q9) Do you offer gift voucher for the workshop?

  • Yes, I offer digital gift vouchers which you can print out as gifts. The voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Please email me at for full details.

Q10) I cannot attend your workshop last minute, what is the T&Cs?

  • ALL sales are final, workshop fee is strictly non-refundable.
  • If you cannot the workshop, you can transfer the seat to a friend, please email me at 3 days in advance, with the name, email and mobile of the person you are transferring to.
  • For my IMPROVER workshops, they are sold as a set of 4 lessons, workshop fee is strictly non-refundable and non-exchangeable. I do not offer make up classes for those who cannot attend.

Q11) I would like to purchase your calligraphy starter kit (dip pen) without attending the calligraphy workshop, is this possible?

  • Yes, you can purchase the calligraphy starter kit from my website or come for a shop vist, simply email me at to arrange.

Q12) We'd like to feature your calligraphy workshops, what should we do?

  • I am  thrilled to know you are interested to feature my KALO MAKE ART calligraphy workshops! Please simply send me an email at

Q13) I have other questions, what should I do?

  • Please simply email me your question(s) at, I will get back to you shortly.