The Calligrapher

Kalo Make Art | Hong Kong Calligrapher

Kalo is a classically trained calligrapher, specialises in western dip pen calligraphy. She is also the founder of "Kalo Make Art" and she has been promoting the art of handwriting, penmanship and calligraphy in Hong Kong since 2015.

Seeing a lack of creative hubs in Hong Kong, Kalo opened her calligraphy studio in 2015, with the aim to establish a relaxing environment for the community to learn and enjoy the art of calligraphy. Kalo's studio is located in Central, where she hosts calligraphy workshops, events and practice sessions. Over the years, Kalo has taught over 5,000 students for both children and adults. She also runs a calligraphy supply retail business (both brick-and-mortar and online shop) to cater the demand for calligraphy tools in Hong Kong and Asia.

In 2020, Kalo was the first pen lady in Hong Kong to be awarded the Certificate of Proficiency in Engrosser's Script by the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting IAMPETH of America. Kalo was also the first person in Hong Kong to receive the International Scholarship for the IAMPETH Conference in 2019. She continues to strive for perfecting her calligraphy skills and enjoys inspiring many others to fall in love with the art of handwriting.

Besides calligraphy education, Kalo also provides calligraphy services for corporates and brands - from event stationery calligraphy, on-site live calligraphy demos to team building workshops to help promote business’ branding and events. 

Kalo's calligraphy workshops have been featured on Sassy HK, Hong Kong Tatler, Elle Magazine, South China Morning Post, Timeout, and many other social media.