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Students Feedback

Read some of our student feedback to learn more about Kalo Make Art workshops!

Hi Kalo, It’s been an amazing experience since I joined your Taster workshop and absolute in love with it!  There’re so many things I love about your workshop and you as a teacher: your passion and energy and how you never stop learning!!!! your detailed explanation and demonstration; how you put different techniques into acronym and fun symbol which helped me to visualize and remember; regular pen meet and pen jam and many more.........   Despite calligraphy is still a relatively small community in HK, your effort and dedication has certainly paid off and made an impact : )  I’m already looking forward to the next improver series! (Really hoping there’s one for letter connection haha)  And I would like to say a big thank you to Dicky as well!!  Please send my regards to Kola too, always lovely to see her.  See you all soon!  Regards, Cecilia

Hi Kalo,I absolutely enjoyed my first workshop with you yesterday.  I took a calligraphy class using the oblique pen last year and I was so discouraged and frustrated to continue with it.  After attending your class yesterday, I am not only inspired but also intrigued to learn more about calligraphy.  Your pointers definitely help me to practice my writing effectively.  I want to thank you for letting me join your workshop last minute.  More importantly, I am grateful to have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher like you!  It makes a huge difference! Best regards, Angela

The setting of the workshop/classroom is always important, and I thought that Kalo's studio was as open and brightly-lit as a calligraphy workshop should be. - Ladina

Kalo's studio is great for learning, it is cosy and comfortable. Her teaching is also very thorough too, it really gave me a good understanding on dip pen calligraphy. Great workshop for complete beginners! - Flora

I really like the part where Kalo told us your experience on selecting the correct tools, so we won't repeat the same mistake. I also feel that it is very helpful for telling us what is the right posture when writing! In addition, explaining different inks and price points were great and that makes beginners like us to save a lot more time in picking calligraphy materials. - Vivien 

I had joined Kalo's workshops three times already. It is so nice to learn from her and her studio is very comfortable. Would definitely recommend to other people who want to learn calligraphy from scratch! - Susan

Good & cosy environment! - Daphne 

Kalo is very friendly and cheerful. I also love the detailed tips on posture and time she spent on giving advice to us one by one. The detail explanation and the relax environment is what I truly enjoyed. - Jose 

Kalo is a passionate teacher, you can really feel it from her teaching. I am much inspired by her beginner workshops and look forward to joining more of her improver workshops! - Francis

Kalo's teaching was very thorough and detailed, she really gave me a good understanding and foundation in calligraphy. I am excited about taking more workshops with her! - Lydia

I joined the workshops with a few friends from work, now we always practice together during lunch breaks at the office. I highly recommend Kalo's workshops to others who would like to find a new hobby. - Anthony

I like each and every part of it! Kalo is extremely enthusiastic and helpful. She translates complicated concepts into easy-to-understand messages. Thank you so much for hosting the workshop! - Winnie

I like how there are many tips and tricks to help me learn calligraphy better and each students has time with the instructor for more detailed questions. - Jasmine

The entire workshop was really well planned, loved the information provided was concise and just enough background information to keep us interested, not too much that it was overwhelming. The initial try out writing was particularly useful for comparison after. - Jennifer

Kalo gave us detail explantation and one on one guidance. - Carman

I really enjoyed it because Kalo gave English instruction, a lot of calligraphy workshops here in Hong Kong are conducted in Cantonese. Kalo's studio is very relaxing and calming, it is situation in a convenient location in the city center. The workshop size is just right and Kalo is a great teacher! - Hoi Kin

Kalo's stories on how she picked up calligraphy as a beginner - it was very inspiring! It was a really enjoyable Saturday morning. Thank you for making it so pleasurable! - Sarah

I have been watching the calligraphy YouTube videos of KaloMake Art for the last several months and when Kalo mentioned that she had an online store with copy sheets I decided that my script hand needed a tutor!  I am on the West Coast of the US; therefore, the digital order was my choice. I did run into a small problem, emailed Kalo and the problem was fixed within a day.  It has been a joy in ordering and communicating with Kalo.  I will definitely order more! - Virginia Presti