S K Y L I N E   L O V E R S
This was originally a Bespoke Design but due to its popularity, I have included it as an In House design.
Skylines can be customerised to match your background. 
You can also change the colour tone to match your wedding theme.
Please view here for more information.
C O N C E P T  
The couple wanted to have a mixture of Dutch and Chinese styles to their wedding invitation card, a design that is simple, clean, classic and a little traditional. The two skylines on the wedding invitation card best reflect this - the upper skyline (in blue) is Hong Kong and the lower skyline (in white) is Amsterdam.
The couple also wanted to incorporate the Chinese wedding colour (i.e. red) and symbols, so I added the cherry blossom which symbolizes the springtime of their love, it also brightens their wedding invitation with a pop of red!
B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E
To view the original drawings of the design, please visit my blog
To view the feedback by the client, please visit my feedback

P R I N T   M E T H O D S
Deboss 3 colours printing