R O Y A L   P A V I L I O N 
This is a In House Design.
You can tailor this wedding invitation set to your choice of colours to match your wedding theme.

C O N C E P T 
My In House Royal Pavilion (see the original designs here) was chosen to be used at  Mr and Mrs Chen's 60th wedding anniversary party. Inorder to match their anniversary party theme, I have changed the original Royal Pavillion into pinks and greens. To complete the celebration theme,  a full size backdrop was used to decorate the venue, a large-scale photoboard to display photos of Mr and Mrs Chen's family and friends. Message cards were printed for guests to write messages on. The design also comes with matching stickers,  table number card, menus and seating plan.

P R I N T   M E T H O D 
Anniversary Party Invitation - digital e-invite
Message Card | Stickers - Offset printing
Table Number | Menu - Digital printing

Backdrop | Photoboard | Seating plan - printing and set up by My Elegant Wedding
Photos taken by History Studio