M R   &   M R S   F O X   B E S P O K E   W E D D I N G   C A K E   T O P P E R
This is a Bespoke Design
C O N C E P T 
If you have watched the movie "Fantastic Mr Fox" then you'll know foxes are just fantastic animals. Our summer wedding was on a barn and had an animal theme, we decided to use Mr and Mrs Fox to be our wedding cake topper! 
Mr Fox wore the English tweet suit and Mrs Fox wore the Chinese Qipao (in the same style as my evening wedding dress!). Since my now-hubby loves music and I love painting, I incorporated a ukulele, a painting palette and a small paint brush for the foxes to hold.
As a stationery designer, I DIY-ed almost everything for our wedding. But one thing I really couldn't make was the wedding cake topper! Luckily I found Tere from Murmur Fremo who transformed my ideas into beautiful reality! I really couldn't thank her enough! Although the wedding was over, this wedding cake topper is now on my desk and it reminds me all the fun times we had at our wedding. 
If you also want to cutomise a wedding cake topper that truly means something to you, I can help drawing your design.
B E H I N D   T H E  S C E N E
To view the original drawings of the design, please visit my blog
Special thanks...
Wedding cake topper by Murmur Fremo 
Photography by Lydia Stamps Photography 
Photography by Joyce Yung Productions 
Wedding cake by Jen Ford