D R A G O N   M E E T S    T A U R U S
This is a Bespoke Design
C O N C E P T 
Saida and Alex approached me with this fun idea for their baby announcement card! They wanted a Dragon, an Ox in a Chinese landscape painterly background on their baby announcement card. The dragon delivering the baby to the Ox who is about to receive the new born baby with a moses basket. The Dragon represents the year (2012, Dragon year), while the Ox represents the month (May, Taurus), the baby was born.A traditional Chinese landscape painting was incorporated onto the background to represent Hong Kong, China where the baby was born. I kept the animals in western children illustration style as the baby has a Western origin and I also want ensure the overall feel of this baby announcement card would remain children friendly and not be too serious!

B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E
To view the original drawings behind this bespoke baby announcement card, please visit my blog
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P R I N T   M E T H O D
Offset printing full colour