B U B B L E S   &   C H A M P A G N E
This is a Bespoke Design
C O N C E P T 
Eva and Ricky are big fans of champagnes and sparkles, all their family and friends know about this! They enjoy travelling around the world for "champagne" tasting and hunting down their favourite champagnes!
Eva and Ricky are so passionate about drinking champagnes, they even made "bubbles and champagne" as their wedding theme! 
A light pastel colour palette is used throughout the invitation suite - from the Invitation, RSVP card, Menu to Lai See Packet to convey a soft romantic feeling and the designs are all covered with bubbles. If you look carefully, the Information Card was cut into a shape of a champagne bottle! 
B E H I N D   T H E  S C E N E
To view the original drawings of the design, please visit my blog
To view the feedback by the client, please visit my feedback 
P R I N T   M E T H O D 
Offset printing for all + Die cut for Information Card