B O O K   O F   L O V E
This is a Bespoke Design

C O N C E P T 
Brenda and Victor envisioned a fun, relaxing outdoorsy wedding in a country club in Hong Kong. Victor is a very tall gentleman from Australia (hence the kangroo!) and Brenda is a sweet, relatively smaller, Chinese girl from Hong Kong. Their wedding invitation was written in both English and Chinese, it also contained information such as plan of the day, map and transportation details in one booklet format. They decided to keep their wedding invitation in pocket size so the guests could keep  have all the useful information altogether.
The heart shape on the back of the booklet was filled with shoes to represent the bride's love for shoes, while the hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades respresented the groom's love for playing cards! 

B E H I N D   T H E  S C E N E
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P R I N T   M E T H O D S
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