C A L L I G R A P H Y   S E R V I C E   -   C O R P O R A T E   &  B R A N D I N G
Kalo Make Art provides a range of calligraphy service for corporate clients, events and parties, includes:
• stationery calligraphy for events (invitations, envelopes, place cards and table cards)
• on-site calligraphy service
• guest names customerisation
• messages personalisation
• on-site calligraphy demonstration
• corporate calligraphy workshops 
• team building exercises
• calligraphy designs for commercial products to help promote business’ branding and events

B R A N D S   O N   P O R T F O L I O
Kalo Make Art's corporate clients include
Fashion: Hermes, Burberry, Dior, Maison Corthay, Bottega Veneta
Beauty: Shiseido, Joyce Boutique, LaneCrawford
Jewellery: Tiffany & Co, Wellendorff
• Beverage & Food: Nespresso, Hennessy, Moet, Pierre Herme Paris
• Lifestyle: Log On City Super, Eslite, Habitu Cafe, Hong Kong Land, HSBC
For calligraphy service rate, please contact us at info@kalomakeart.com